How To Clean Rug

How do Spilled Liquids Destroy Precious Rugs?

Any kind of spilled liquid (juice, wine, urine etc.) is harmful to the integrity of the structure of the rug if left on the rug to dry. The reason for this is because these liquids contain minerals or acids that when dry, sit on and begin to break the tiny individual fibers that hold the foundation of the rug together. The most vulnerable to this destruction are those rugs made of wool, cotton or silk. The most harmful liquid of all is animal urine. As animals mark over and over in the same location, the dual combination of uric acid and minerals that are present in the urine begin to weaken the elasticity of the fibers, making them stiff and brittle. After repeated incidences, the smallest amount of stress or pull on those fibers will cause them to break, creating a hole in the rug. If such a situation occurs, one must immediately and professionally wash the liquid out of the rug as quickly as possible. If done correctly and under the experience of a professional’s hand, there will be no damage. Then, the beauty, health and value of the rug becomes preserved.

Corner Restorations of an old Turkmen Rug

Steps of  corner repair an old Turkmen Rug

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